The Vattenfall Solar Team consists of ten students from Delft University of Technology. After a strict selection procedure, a team is assembled from different faculties. Amongst others, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences are represented. The team faces a major challenge: building a new safe solar car, selecting drivers who are brave enough to get behind the wheel and unfamiliar terrain. Because for the first time in the history of the Vattenfall Solar Team, the team is going to the United States!

Aftermovie Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

Ready to race: world record attempt

8th of August, 12 hours, 882 km #ASC2020

Vattenfall Solar Team withdraws from American Solar Challenge due to corona virus

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Our Solar Cars

Since 2001 the Vattenfall Solar Team has been participating in various solar races all over the world. The team has participated ten times in the world championships in Australia. Of those ten races, Nuna crossed the finish lines first seven times and second twice. The team has participated three times in South-Africa, and won all three races. This year, Nuna will enter the American Solar Challenge for the first time ever. Take a look at all of our different cars here.

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