South Africa

Sasol Solar Challenge

More than 4,500 KM across the ever changing landscape of South Africa.

From 22 to 29 September 2017, Nuna9S has participated in the Sasol Solar Challenge 2018 in South Africa. Participating cars may only use solar energy to reach the finish. The race leads from Pretoria, in the Northeast, to Stellenbosch near Cape Town on the West coast. The teams has finished in Stellenbosch on September 29. The next day, on September 30, all participants drove to Cape Town together for the official ceremony.

This eight-day race, through the diverse landscapes of South Africa, is the ultimate sustainable challenge. After a year with emphasis on high-end innovation, strategy is put to the test in this race with a special goal: to cover as many kilometers as possible. These kilometers can be collected by running extra loops of 50 to 150 kilometers before arriving at the day finish. Those who can write the most kilometers can call themselves solar racing chamion!

The challenges

Both the team and our solar car, Nuna9S, have been put to the test in South Africa. For 8 days this means getting up before dawn to get Nuna in position and then racing all day and filling the evenings with odd jobs and setting up your camp. The climate and the environment also present various challenges. Thanks to a combination of different landscapes with, among other things, steep slopes, our solar car will have to be able to deliver considerably more power. Finally, our strategist will have to make many difficult decisions during the race: how many loops will you ride each day and how do you anticipate the microclimates in South Africa?

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The legacy continues

13 oktober 2019 start de race #itspossible

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The Solarcars

Het Vattenfall Solar Team doet sinds 2001 met haar zonneauto's mee aan zonneraces wereldwijd. Het team heeft van de 9 deelnames in Australië zeven wereldtitels weten binnen te slepen en twee keer een tweede plek. Ook in Zuid-Afrika doet het Delftse team het goed, van de drie deelnames daar heeft het team er drie weten te winnen. Zie hier met welke auto's het team dat heeft gedaan.

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