Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

3,000 KM across Australia

From 8 to 15 October, Nuna9 has competed in the solar race in Australia. Participating cars may only use solar energy during the World Solar Challenge to reach the finish. The race starts in Darwin, in the North, to Adelaide, which is more than 3,000 kilometers South. This makes it the largest solar competition in the world. The winner can therefore call himself World Champion in solar racing. In 1987 the World Solar Challenge was held for the first time. 2017 therefore was an anniversary edition. In the early years, so-called factory teams like Honda and General Motors, among others, participated. Since 2001 the university teams been dominating the race, with the Vattenfall Solar Team at the forefront.


Different racing classes

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is primarily a design competition with the aim of building the world's most efficient electric car. The biennial event aims to inspire the smartest young people in the world to contribute to sustainable transport in the future. The event consists of three classes that represent the diversity of solar cars and the different design philosophies. A total of 42 teams are taking part in the race.


Challenger Class

The cars that participate in this class are visually stunning one-person racing cars. They are aerodynamic masterpieces, built for endurance and maximum energy efficiency. The winner is the one who finishes first. The Vattenfall Solar Team participates in this class. Due to a change in the regulations of the 2017 edition, whereby the total allowable area of ​​solar cells was reduced by one third of the allowable area in 2015, many different concepts have emerged this year. The competition was getting closer, which makes the upcoming race more exciting than ever.


Cruiser Class

Participants in the Cruiser Class are confronted with the challenge of producing a solar car that meets the requirements of end-users of family cars. Speed ​​plays only a minor role in this class.


Adventure Class

The Adventure Class is not a competition. Often cars that participated in the Challenger Class in the past take part. It is also often used as a test race for those who, while meeting the strict safety standards, may not fully meet the latest technical requirements of the other classes.

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The Solarcars

Het Vattenfall Solar Team doet sinds 2001 met haar zonneauto's mee aan zonneraces wereldwijd. Het team heeft van de 9 deelnames in Australië zeven wereldtitels weten binnen te slepen en twee keer een tweede plek. Ook in Zuid-Afrika doet het Delftse team het goed, van de drie deelnames daar heeft het team er drie weten te winnen. Zie hier met welke auto's het team dat heeft gedaan.

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Vattenfall Solar Team

Seven times world champion