Vattenfall Solar Team withdraws from American Solar Challenge due to corona virus


‚ÄčThe Vattenfall Solar Team is not participating in the American Solar Challenge this summer. The team wanted to participate in the American race for the first time, but the corona virus has put an end to this dream. In the coming time weeks the team will develop alternative scenarios to bring this project to a successful conclusion. "It was a tough, but inevitable decision given the situation in Europe and America," says team leader Niek Hogenboom. "Fortunately, our team has shown several times that we know how to deal with setbacks."

The corona virus has caused several major problems for the Vattenfall Solar Team, such as the transport of the team and their car to America. It is also uncertain whether the race itself will continue. Although the American Solar Challenge will not take place until July, the uncertainties are too great to continue preparations.

It is a tough pill to swallow, especially because the construction of the car, Nuna Phoenix, is progressing well despite all the corona measures. Next week the final construction phase of the car will start, in which all loose parts will be installed in the car. The car will be ready to drive at the end of April, entirely according to plan. "We are very proud that, despite all the setbacks, we finished Nuna Phoenix on time and completely in line with the American regulations," says team leader Niek Hogenboom. "This was actually the biggest challenge for us and we have overcome it."

The Vattenfall Solar Team is currently working on various alternative scenarios for the coming months. It is now important to work out all alternatives as well as possible, so that the team can react quickly if the situation improves. "Nuna Phoenix will drive, even if we do not yet know where exactly" says team leader Niek. "The challenge is greater than ever, but we will undoubtedly finish our project on a high note!"

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Vattenfall Solar Team withdraws from American Solar Challenge due to corona virus

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Since 2001 the Vattenfall Solar Team has been participating in various solar races all over the world. The team has participated ten times in the world championships in Australia. Of those ten races, Nuna crossed the finish lines first seven times and second twice. The team has participated three times in South-Africa, and won all three races. This year, Nuna will enter the American Solar Challenge for the first time ever. Take a look at all of our different cars here.

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