Crash for Vattenfall Solar Team: NunaX hits guardrail


Darwin, Australia - During a test drive on the Hidden Valley circuit, solar car NunaX from the Vattenfall Solar Team came into hard contact with the guardrail. The driver is doing well, but there is considerable damage to the car.

Photo by: Jorrit Lousberg

The accident happened when driver Max van der Waals (Wassenaar, 22) rounded the first corner after the straight. While braking, the right rear wheel locked and the car crashed. Max is shocked, but he is doing well.

The solar car was seriously damaged due to the crash. There is a crack in the carbon on the side of the car, the wing on the back is crooked and one of the wheels is jammed. Our secret weapon, the shark skin, is also damaged.

According to team leader Maud Diepeveen, participation in the race is not in danger. "We are of course quite shocked, but we are going to do everything in our power to get the car ready for the race on time."

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world championship for solar racing. The race takes place every other year and the participants drive 3000 kilometers through the Australian outback. The Vattenfall Solar Team has already won the race seven times and is the reigning champion.

Photo by: Jorrit Lousberg

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Since 2001 the Vattenfall Solar Team has been participating in various solar races all over the world. The team has participated ten times in the world championships in Australia. Of those ten races, Nuna crossed the finish lines first seven times and second twice. The team has participated three times in South-Africa, and won all three races. This year, Nuna will enter the American Solar Challenge for the first time ever. Take a look at all of our different cars here.

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