Blog: NunaX is coming


7 September 2019 - We have started, our flight case has touched the Australian soil and is now only 2000 km away from Darwin. This Monday we expect the case to be dropped off at our workshop which is part of a beautiful Australian primary school.

At the beginning of the week Bruno, Daan, Emiel, Fères, Maud, Michiel and Pieter who were staying in Adelaide, started their trip up to Darwin. In Adelaide, they have built two cars with measuring equipment to collect all necessary data for the race during their journey of more than 3000 km. These include; mapping the route, recording where the road is wide enough to overtake opponents and what the terrain of the mandatory control stops looks like. With this preparation, we are trying to obtain an advantage to our competitors. Additionally, we make several standard procedures to increase our efficiency even further. 

At the beginning of this week Elke, Emie, Jens, Joost, Kasper, Max, Maxime, Tom, and Willem were visiting the Dutch Consulate General in Sydney. They have informed them of all the ins and outs of the upcoming race and state of affairs about NunaX. The innovations that were developed last year and their potential have also been explained.

Later in the week, it turned out that we as a team had made a good decision to station a part of the team in Sydney. We were given the news that our flight case had to be checked by customs. Given the vulnerability of the cargo, we carefully unpacked its contents. Then everything was checked by customs and swiftly everything was put again in the flight case. Thanks to the good cooperation we ensured that this happened without damage, for which we are very grateful.


Our flight case had to be investigated to prevent the transfer of a small bug that happens to be living in the Netherlands. Should the 'brown marbled stinkbug' be found, our orange crate would have to undergo a special treatment. Given that this treatment affects the electronics of NunaX, we were all happy when we heard that the box did not have to be treated because of the thorough cleaning of all contents prior to our departure from the Netherlands.

After receiving the good news, we, together with Blue Water Shipping, put the box on transport as quickly as possible. The box has to be driven all the way from Sydney to Darwin. This 4000km, that is covered by the drivers, is a distance that we are not very familiar to in the Netherlands. We expect to receive the flight case in Darwin early next week at our workshop in northern Australia.

Immediately after unpacking and packing the flight case, we flew to Darwin as quickly as possible. Here we will prepare NunaX for the race in the coming weeks. Since 2001, our first participation in the race, we have had the same workshop in Darwin. We have a metal shed at our disposal at a beautiful primary school, Nightcliff Primary School, where we are welcomed very warmly every year. The workshop has even been cleaned for us, which means that we can get to work almost immediately. First, of course, drink a cup of coffee to catch up.

Next week we will unload our flight case here in Darwin and further build the workshop and our office. The goal is to get Nuna driving on the orange Australian sand as quickly as possible. Read next week how we all fared.


NunaX- The legacy continues

The legacy continues

13 oktober 2019 start de race #itspossible

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