The history of the Vattenfall Solar Team starts in 1999. Two students from TU Delft are inspired by the film "Race the Sun" and decide, just like the main characters from the aforementioned film, to participate in the World Solar Challenge. In 2001, the Alpha Centauri Team, as the Vattenfaal Solar Team was known at the time, participated for the first time in the race across Australia with great success. The newcomers win the race and take the world cup home. In the subsequent editions, the Vattenfall Solar Team knows how to respond best to the changing rules. As a result, the Delft team is outsmarting the competition and is able to win the World Solar Challenge four times in a row.

This series of wins is interrupted when Nuna5 crashes three weeks before the race. The team repairs the badly damaged solar car as well as possible and even manages to take second place. They finish behind a strong new team from Japan, namedTokai University, which was also too fast in 2011 for Nuna6.

In 2013 Nuna7 finally managed to beat the Japanese and the Vattenfall Solar Team took the world cup back to Delft after the first four-wheeled edition of the World Solar Challenge. With competition getting steadily stronger in 2015, Nuna8 knows to win the World Solar Challenge, with only 8 minutes of difference.

In 2017 the team was able to take the 7th world title to the Netherlands. By using 'space grade' solar cells and making Nuna's air resistance as much as the wing mirror of a car, the team started the race with a very good car. This resulted in a race of 3021 km and 4.5 days in the victory for the Vattenfall Solar Team.

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Ready to race: world record attempt

8th of August, 12 hours, 882 km #ASC2020

Vattenfall Solar Team withdraws from American Solar Challenge due to corona virus

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Since 2001 the Vattenfall Solar Team has been participating in various solar races all over the world. The team has participated ten times in the world championships in Australia. Of those ten races, Nuna crossed the finish lines first seven times and second twice. The team has participated three times in South-Africa, and won all three races. This year, Nuna will enter the American Solar Challenge for the first time ever. Take a look at all of our different cars here.

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